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New Age Pet EcoChoice Small Dog Kennel 100 Recycled Material RTXTVHHNO

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Easy to assemble - no tools required!Made from 100% recycled materialWill typically outlast the lifespan of two wooden structuresWill not splinter, so your dog is safe insideEcoFLEX does not expand and contract like wood, so it reamins stable for longer

New Age Pet EcoConcept Dog Kennel is made from EcoFLEX, a composite material made of by-products that would usually end up in an incinerator or a landfill. EcoFLEX based products will genarally outlast similar wood based products by 2 to 1. EcoFLEX doesn't warp, meaning it lasts longer. It doesn't splinter, so you can be sure of your pet's safety. It can be painted with normal latex paint (no priming required!) or stained with repeat applications of oil based stain.The best kennel for your pet designed first with your pet's health in mind. The kennel is well ventilated, easy to clean with a raised floor and step in design. You can gain access to the inside of the kennels in about thirty seconds. They are easy to assemble taking 10 minutes or less with no tools. Help reduce your "Carbon Paw Print". Free door flap worth €9.49 with every order.Specifications:Made from 100% recycled material, EcoFlex, a blend of recycled polymers and reclaimed wood by products from the manufacture of hardwood furniture frames - materials that normally would be burned or dumped into a landfill.

New Age Pet EcoChoice Small Dog Kennel 100 Recycled Material RTXTVHHNO

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