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Karlie Sisal Fleety fish aqua toys toys for dogs feature PQDLIYJDY

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Karlie Sisal Fleety fish

Description: The new Fleety sisal cat toys manufacturer Karlie consist almost entirely of natural materials, are ausgestattetund with catnip scent provide great games for cats of all ages.

The sisal sisal Fleetys are available in different lengths mitElementen of felt, cork, canvas and plush. The special feature of denSpielzeugen is mounted hooks by which the sisal rope can be attached anjedem anywhere. Thus, for example, wins deralte scratching post new elements to an easy chair or if the gaming experience. But also in the interaction between the human and cat sisal Fleetys look great no matter when the hook Just attached to the belt loop and cat together for a spin through dieWohnung. Your cat will love

Length: about 119 cm

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Karlie Sisal Fleety fish aqua toys toys for dogs feature PQDLIYJDY

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