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& AQUALITY Autumn Winter POND Pump 2000 g CAPSJKTYV

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Reduces significantly higher charges in autumn leaves and by foodPromotes the winter of animals in the gardenSpecial Mirkoorganismen ensure clear water in Winter2,000 g are sufficient for 50,000 PondPerfect Care for the Autumn Winter &

Aquality Autumn & Winter Protection pond
The higher loads in the autumn leaves and leftover food significantly reduces
Special Mirkoor Ganismen that cause that ugly green water in the winter
Promotes Winter Storage of the animals in the garden pond
Is thanks to its special recipe is perfect solution to prepare your pond for the coming winter. The particularly in the Autumn are the loads in the garden pond very high. Autumn Leaf from the trees, leftover food the year goes up, excrement of the fish as well as a pass through low temperature lower job by microbes on the biological balance in weight. Here in the autumn and place it over the winter not for balance, it can make the next spring to clear problems such as cloudy water, strong algae growth up to fish death. The helps to aquality Autumn and Winter Protective Pond securely. With aquality Autumn and Winter Protection pond points you have been in the autumn the right foundations for a beautiful pond in the next year. High-quality ingredients make for a removal of the organic load (leaves, leftover food etc), increase the number of important micro-organisms Clearwater guarantee and equals to the biological balance of the pond good about the snow arrives this winter. Aquality Autumn and Winter Protection pond should not be missing in any garden pond in the autumn. It is Thank You in the next year.
Directions for use:
You can make sure 1 full measuring jug - 50 g (Supplied) with 1250 litres of pond water in a watering can (bin) and stirring the product on. Distribute the contents then place fl chendeckend as far as possible over the pond surface or you give it in the stream to care for a good distribution. The application can be 1 x per week up to stop the filter further is turned back on.& nbs

& AQUALITY Autumn Winter POND Pump 2000 g CAPSJKTYV

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