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Air Stone Sorliva Bubble for Aquarium Fish Tank Hydroponics Pump 120mm Ceramic Air Stones Diffuser NUAEFFDEC

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We choose this best quality air stone that will create an abundant cascade of small to tiny bubbles rather than a limited number of larger bubbles. Can be easily driven by even Nano air pumps, suitable for aquarium, fish tank and circulation system.suitable for approx and fish tank.Increases oxygen and lowers CO2 levels. Durable & washable.Sturdy and non-toxic material is Safe to your fish.Please soak the air stone in water for about 30 minutes before usage. Remember that any air stone will need to be replaced every few months as they get clogged with dust, bacteria, and algae.

Color: Gray
Size: Length: 120mm / 4.72inchs
Thickness:15mm / 0.6inchs
(Suitable for 70-120CM fish tank, air pump power more than 15 watts)

1. Durable Ceramic air stone diffuses water in every direction.
2. Creates a dazzling underwater scene.
3. Increases surface agitation.
4. Accelerates oxygen replenishment.
5. Helps release carbon dioxide build-up.
6. Fits standard airline tubing.
7. The Ceramic Disc Airstone suitable for all aquarium or pond aeration.
8. The Disc Airstone can be used for a long time and be easily washed for re-use.
9. The Disc Airstone is suitable for freshwater, saltwater aquariums and hydroponic use.
10. It also can be applied in Aqua farms, aqua cultures, and other industrial aeration. 11. These Disc Air Stones have a simple push fit airline connector.
12. Please rinse thoroughly in water before use.
13. The Classica Ceramic air stone disc also increases surface agitation, accelerates oxygen replenishment and helps release carbon dioxide build-up.
14. Simply connect the air stone to your airline tubing and place it in desired location.

Attach air hose to air stone inlet
Place in desired position in aquarium
airstone can also be covered with gravel if required
Adjust air flow as required
Never restrict airflow from air pump
Use a non return air check valve to properly regulate air flow and protect from water damage to the air pump.

Packing included:
1 x Air Stone

- Airline is NOT supplied.
- Soak the product in water for 15 minutes before use.
- long-term use, such as dirt clogging, bubble reduction, can come up with repeated use of cleaning.

Air Stone Sorliva Bubble for Aquarium Fish Tank Hydroponics Pump 120mm Ceramic Air Stones Diffuser NUAEFFDEC

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