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4 To Teeny Tiny Water Weighted Dog Toy Red by TO DOG TOYS Glow-in the-Dark UQSBWNVBK

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Virtually indestructible,Tug-of-war action,Water resistance feels good,Customisable weight, Leak-proof, Adjustable rope, Tuggo floats

* 4inch ball with 4ft rope * Uses weight to provide tension * Hard and hollow plastic ball that sports a rope through the middle * Has a recessed screw cap allowing the ball to be filled with water * Once fully filled with water, the Tuggo weighs approximately 1.5 pounds * This weight provides the tension that helps promote exercise and build muscle * The water inside the ball makes a sloshing sound when the ball is being played with, which keeps dogs interested in the Tuggo

4 Tuggo Teeny Tiny Water Weighted Dog Toy Red by TUGGO DOG TOYS Glow-in the-Dark UQSBWNVBK

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