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1 water lily variety Princess Elizabeth peach pink flower UGRJCXVFH

1 water lily variety Hermine white flower VZNCZMFDE

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Design your garden pond with our plants.Water Lilies it inhibit the algae growth.Lily in, quality. Ideal for Grow With Our D

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Description: Breeder: Marliac 1910 Flower shape tulip-shaped, pure white, of medium size about 12 - 14 cm are a few cm above the water surface. The petals are narrow and lanceolate. Pedals (sepals) are glossy green. Stamens yellow. Rich and long flowering of medium thick growth. The (elliptical / oval) Leaf is large up to 20 cm. Tolerates partial shade.

water depth: 30 cm - 1.20 m

1 water lily variety Hermine white flower VZNCZMFDE

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